Sunday, 20 May 2012

Revlon Lipbutter - Strawberry Shortcake

As soon as my local Superdrug got these in stock i spent about half an hour swatching which ones to get, i came out the shop with rainbow colored hands! But after some thinking this is defiantly my favorite!

Strawberry Shortcake is a really pretty light pick color, its one of the sheerer colors in the range but its lets the natural color of your lips come through and adds vibrancy so its great just for the day time or when your going out with a heavier eye! But still does have an impressive amount of pigment considering its a Lipbutter.

I really love the formula of the Lipbutters, they are really moisurising on the lips and they don't feel sticky at all! There is a great color range to choose from, its almost daunting! They are all really wearable and you can defiantly find a perfect shade for you, I love these for the day time and every time i go near a stall I'm tempted to buy more!

What do you think of Revlon Lipbutters?