Monday, 30 January 2012

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance - Leave-in Conditioner

I cannot go a day without using this! I swear by this leave in conditioner. i have pretty damaged hair from bleaching :( so its very dry and gets very knotted. I was recommended this by my hairdresser (my mum!) as my hair was getting very dry and i love it! I have tried so many serums and treatments on my hair and this is deffenantly my fave that i use day to day. There are other treatment i love but i only use them once a month as the are very deep treatments, so i love that i can use this in between too keep my hair soft and feeling great! 
Another plus to this product is that is smells GREAT, Aussies sent to their shampoos and other products are gorgeous. 
I recently bleached my hair again and when i washed my hair i didn't put this is in and i was so surprised at how much of a difference it actually makes. My hair felt like cardboard compared to what it usually is! i hated it so i rushed back to my bathroom and washed my hair again so i could use this! 
You use this after washing your hair on towel dried hair, spray evenly, then comb through (it makes it soo much easier!) and then leave it it- do not rinse out! Then style as usual. 
I really recommend this to anyone who has dry or damaged hair, it nourishes your hair, help detangle and protects it. 

You can purchase this at a lot of stores I got mine at Superdrug for £3.99 .


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Oh Gosh!

I absolutely love Gosh cosmetics! So i had to dedicate this post to a few of my fave products! Just too keep the blog at a normal length a has to pick my all time faves to show you guys! (it was such a hard choice!)
these are the few products that i picked!

Extreme 2 Step Volume Mascara

I was really pleased to see that the size of the brushes on this mascara and normal sized this makes the mascara quick and  easy to apply. The first step i was quite shocked at first to see that the color of the mascara was a matt grey, but i trusted my love for Gosh and tried it! This leaves your lashes looking quite a bit longer but i didn't see that much changed in the thickness. The second step the color is jet black which i was so pleased about! This really does add thickness and volume, but the only downside is that it doesn't hold the curl (if you cutl your lashes) so its good to invest in some lash gel to hold the curl.

Natural Blush - 39 Electric Pink

The pigmentation in this blush is great at last nealy the whole day! I love it, its my daily blushes. but even though it it called 'electric pink' it isn't that bright. The blush is quite powdery but still easy to blend. 
Sorry i forgot to do a swatch :( 

Special eye shadow selection

I got this eye shadow pallete in a set around Christmas and i don't think you can buy it separately :( But i love it so much! The colors a browns and some a burgundy red undertone. Its great to carry around and can quickly change from day to night make up!

Top Left - A browny/burgundy colour great to use in the crease of your eye. It such a different colour than the rest of my brown eye shadows.
Top Right - A silver colour with a hint of baby blue really opens the eye.
Bottom Left - I really cannot describe this color its alight lilac/silver color so unusual (the picture doesnt do it justice) its great to use day to day as its very subtle with a bit of color.
Bottom Right -  A browny orange color this is the only color i wasn't really happy with its very different from the other colors but i do use it with other colours from different palletes. 

x-ceptional wear foundation

I use this foundation every day, its great. My make up is prone to coming off during the day and this really is 'x-ceptional' wear. It's a quite runny foundation and smooths over the skin well. I use a Bobbi Brown foundation brush to apply this but i often have used just my fingers and it does work great. It gives a good coverage but doesn't look cakey. 
I have very fair skin so i got the lightest shade (11 Porcelain) as the next one up was quite a bit too dark,  but it still is quite pale so i do mix this foundation sometimes with another Gosh foundation.

Natural touch foundation 

This is the other foundation i sometimes mix with the previous. This is a more thick consistency than the other but when i mix the two together it gives me the perfect shade and also a great coverage. Even though i love this foundation i don't use it without mixing it. When i did it didn't give me enough coverage (but it would be great for a natural look in the summer!) - this product also has SPF 8 and almond oil that moisturizes your skin.
Gosh is available at any Superdrug stores!

Have you tried any Gosh products?


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Soap and Glory Hand Food

This is my fave hand moisturizer, I received this in a set for Christmas from my boyfriend! I carry this everywhere i do get really dry hands all the time and I have tried so many moisturizers but this is defiantly the best one yet! 
I love the packaging on all the Soap and Glory product and i just loved the name 'Hand Food.'
As soon as you squeeze the product out you can smell the sweet which is very common throughout their products. I think in this product the marshmellow ingredient really does it.Other ingredients include shea butter and macadamia oils which is just great! 
As soon as i start rubbing the product into my hands i can instantly feel my hands smoother and more moisturized. 

You can purchase this at and Boots store for £4.50


Friday, 27 January 2012

Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Review

I looked at this primer in my local Superdrug for so long before purchasing it as I had never used a primer before. I had been recommend this product by a friend and in the end gave up and bought it! And I am so pleased I got it in the end because ever since I haven't stopped using it! I have been using it everyday bore putting on my make up and even on its own when i'm having a makeup-less day.
The product is a colorless gel, smooth slippery texture that smooths out  very evenly and easily over my skin. 
I use my fingers to apply this my pumping out a small amount and spreading it over my skin (moisturized previous to the primer!) I found that the product absorbed into my skin very quickly and left a very even smooth finish. At first it feels a bit greasy but after 30 seconds to let it set and its great!
I love the way it feels on my skin and it defiantly help prolong the wear of my foundation. I love this primer!
I have used up two bottles of this now and i have tried a few other primers but all in all this one works great for my skin, i have quite dry skin and can sometimes get dry patches on my cheeks but my using this primer (and a little E45 cream) my foundation doesn't seem to be effected at all! 
As the primer is a gel like silicone based formula it may not work very well on oily skin, but normal to dry skin it works great!

You can get this primer at any Superdrug store for £12 (for a 30ml bottle)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Benefit Erase Paste Review.

I first purchased Erase Paste when i was gifted a make up lesson at one of my local Benefit stalls, I was determined to get it as i have heard so much about it! Erase Paste is a creamy concealer for under the eyes and can also be used for any other imperfections! (maybe a few spots or redness.)
The concealer comes in 3 different shades (i was matched to the lightest shade fair) even though there isnt a range of shades i have found that the concealer blends so well with my skin tone! It also has melon undertones which brightens the eyes when using it to target dark circles! 
The product comes complete with a small spatula for scooping out the product (in sted of getting it all under your nail -annoying!) so that is really handy! And also comes with a set of step-by-step instructions, handy if your a first timer.
You can apply the product either with a concealer brush or your finger by dabbing it on with your index finger across the bottom of your eyes. The warmth from your fingers also help the product blend smoothy.
I have been using this now for over a month and i adore it! Seriously its great, it lasts most of the day and covers all my discoloration and imperfections (even those pesky dark circles.) I absolutely love this concealer.

You can purchase this product at any benefit counter or their website for £19.50.