Friday, 1 February 2013

50 Facts about me!

The title kinda gives it away but this tag had been going around for a while i might be a bit late but I still... 

1. I love huge fluffy socks (really obsessed)
2. I cant cook atall!
3. I've been working since i was 13!
4. Im a workaholic
5. I am completely obsessed with Rihanna (seeing her on June 15th!)
6. I am a member of a gym, I hardly every go anymore (forgetting is my excuse!)
7. I lovelovelove strawberry milkshakes from MacDonalds
8. I love driving
9. I was born with gingery hair but i fell out when i was teeny and came back blonde!
10. I only trust certain people
11. I hate painting my nails, it never looks right!
12. If my nail polish had chipped even a tiny bit i have to take it off!
13. I love motivational quotes or pictures!

14. I love going out!
15. I'm not afraid to speak my mind
16. I want to own my own cafe/deli one day!
17. I love my nutty friends!
18. I love festivals! 

when I went to Boardmasters 2012

19. I love a harmless bit of gossip!
20. Baby Giraffes are my favorite animal!
21. I give up on people if I feel they act like they act like children
22. I just don't like immature people (only the fun kinda immature! :) )
23. I still watch Spongebob
24. Nemo is one of my fave films!
25. I love going to see shows in London, like Dirty Dancing, Grease and im planning on seeing Shrek the musical!
26. Breakfast is my favorite meal time
27. My favorite alcoholic drinks are fruit ciders and vodka and lemonade (wouldn't say no to a peach archers or a pint either!)
28. I hate my legs! 
29. I love spicy food
 30. I love watching people get tattoos!
31. Planning on getting my first tattoo in the next month.
32. I really like 'bad boys' on motor bikes or something! (what is it about them?!)
33. I am absolutely terrified of injections.. (seriously phobic)
34. ...but I'm not bothered about tattoo needles?!
35. Sometimes I like being alone
36. ...but most of the time i have to be around people else i get sad!
37. I hugely overthink!
37. I always have clothes on my floor in my bedroom! Even though i hate it...
38. I like fancy ice-creams :) 

39. Sometimes I'm too lazy to even go to get a drink
40. I don't like walking barefoot anywhere, not even indoors
41. I hate food shopping
42. I hate peas!
43. i can only eat cheese if its really strong!
44. I panic when i cant find anything to wear!
45. I get really panicky sometimes but I dont think they are panic attacks? 
46. I hate the feeling of waking up with yesterdays make up (sometimes i forget to take it off!)
47. I like going for meals!
48. I hated college!
49. I love the build up to christmas/birthdays
50. I cant think of number 50...