Monday, 30 January 2012

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance - Leave-in Conditioner

I cannot go a day without using this! I swear by this leave in conditioner. i have pretty damaged hair from bleaching :( so its very dry and gets very knotted. I was recommended this by my hairdresser (my mum!) as my hair was getting very dry and i love it! I have tried so many serums and treatments on my hair and this is deffenantly my fave that i use day to day. There are other treatment i love but i only use them once a month as the are very deep treatments, so i love that i can use this in between too keep my hair soft and feeling great! 
Another plus to this product is that is smells GREAT, Aussies sent to their shampoos and other products are gorgeous. 
I recently bleached my hair again and when i washed my hair i didn't put this is in and i was so surprised at how much of a difference it actually makes. My hair felt like cardboard compared to what it usually is! i hated it so i rushed back to my bathroom and washed my hair again so i could use this! 
You use this after washing your hair on towel dried hair, spray evenly, then comb through (it makes it soo much easier!) and then leave it it- do not rinse out! Then style as usual. 
I really recommend this to anyone who has dry or damaged hair, it nourishes your hair, help detangle and protects it. 

You can purchase this at a lot of stores I got mine at Superdrug for £3.99 .


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