Friday, 27 January 2012

Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Review

I looked at this primer in my local Superdrug for so long before purchasing it as I had never used a primer before. I had been recommend this product by a friend and in the end gave up and bought it! And I am so pleased I got it in the end because ever since I haven't stopped using it! I have been using it everyday bore putting on my make up and even on its own when i'm having a makeup-less day.
The product is a colorless gel, smooth slippery texture that smooths out  very evenly and easily over my skin. 
I use my fingers to apply this my pumping out a small amount and spreading it over my skin (moisturized previous to the primer!) I found that the product absorbed into my skin very quickly and left a very even smooth finish. At first it feels a bit greasy but after 30 seconds to let it set and its great!
I love the way it feels on my skin and it defiantly help prolong the wear of my foundation. I love this primer!
I have used up two bottles of this now and i have tried a few other primers but all in all this one works great for my skin, i have quite dry skin and can sometimes get dry patches on my cheeks but my using this primer (and a little E45 cream) my foundation doesn't seem to be effected at all! 
As the primer is a gel like silicone based formula it may not work very well on oily skin, but normal to dry skin it works great!

You can get this primer at any Superdrug store for £12 (for a 30ml bottle)

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