Thursday, 26 January 2012

Benefit Erase Paste Review.

I first purchased Erase Paste when i was gifted a make up lesson at one of my local Benefit stalls, I was determined to get it as i have heard so much about it! Erase Paste is a creamy concealer for under the eyes and can also be used for any other imperfections! (maybe a few spots or redness.)
The concealer comes in 3 different shades (i was matched to the lightest shade fair) even though there isnt a range of shades i have found that the concealer blends so well with my skin tone! It also has melon undertones which brightens the eyes when using it to target dark circles! 
The product comes complete with a small spatula for scooping out the product (in sted of getting it all under your nail -annoying!) so that is really handy! And also comes with a set of step-by-step instructions, handy if your a first timer.
You can apply the product either with a concealer brush or your finger by dabbing it on with your index finger across the bottom of your eyes. The warmth from your fingers also help the product blend smoothy.
I have been using this now for over a month and i adore it! Seriously its great, it lasts most of the day and covers all my discoloration and imperfections (even those pesky dark circles.) I absolutely love this concealer.

You can purchase this product at any benefit counter or their website for £19.50.

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