Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Body Shop - Vitamin E Skincare Collection

Vitamin E Cleanser

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The vitamin e cleanser from the collection feels very light and moisturising when applied, but doesn't leave any greasy feeling after. it nouirishes the skin removing any traces of make up or other impurities. Its a very gentle cleanser and leaves the skin feeling smooth and very clean.


Vitamin E Toner

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After using the cleanser, the toner to again remove any other traces of dirt or make up. It doesn't dry the skin, leaving it smooth and refreshed.


Vitamin E Moisture Cream

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The moisturiser hydrates and smooths the skin. It absorbs into the skin quickly so it doesn't feel greasy on your face.


I have really enjoyed using these products and they really got mt into a regular skin care routine as i actually saw a difference in my skin. It is now a lot smother with no more horrible dry patches (drinking water helped a lot too) and i loved the smell, it reminds me of sun cream and very clean natural moisturizers.


  1. Sounds lovely, I like the sounds of the moisture cream!
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    1. the moisture cream is lovely and a little goes a long way!:)

      of course

  2. Looks great :)

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  3. Awesome! I have the eye cream and I really like it!! xxx
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