Wednesday, 30 January 2013



I'm back! After a long break- I'm back!
Lots has happened over my (way to long) break; quit college, new jobs, car, friends etc!
And after lots of ups and downs, I'm a lot happier and ready to gooo (yay!)
So, I thought a great first post to ease me back into the blogging routine would be a positivity post! Brogan from brogantatexo did a post full of lovely quotes and these sort of post really cheer me up! (also i've been addicted to tumblr recently and i found lots of lovely pictres!) 

       Tumblr_me0vf3ebi91qjm9bpo1_250_large                                 196312_335599033216305_1038537210_n_large



❤ #winniethepooh #disney #cute (Taken with Instagram)

Sorry for being away so long I will soon be into a routine again!
Stay happy! :)


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