Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Travel Purfume Atomizer- Ebay!

So on Youtube i've seen the 'Travalo' a few times so i thought i'd look the little gadget up and thought to myself 'that's a little pricey for me' as i'm such a bargain hunter! So instinctive i went straight to Ebay and found this gem!

If you don't know what a travalo is its a little gadget you can get to carry round your purfume without having to take the bottlee!

Now i think a orignal Travelo is £9.99 but i found this dupe for only £3.49, it arrived today and i ripped the packaging open to use it- and its sooo good- no spills nothing! Its great!

Heres how to use it... 

Take your favorite purfume and take the spray cap bit off like so...

Now on the bottom there's a little bit that will allow the purfune to go into the tube so place in on top and start pumping!

Then your ready to go!


  1. I have one of these as well!
    My parents got it for me for christmas!
    I must say, I love it! So much easier than carrying a whole bottle of perfume around!

  2. omg i've never seen this before. what an amazing idea!! thanks for sharing!

  3. I really want to try one of these :)
    So handy to just throw in your purse,

    Shannen Xx

  4. Great tip!

    I've been putting off buying the one from Boots for ages now. I will have to feed my ebay habit and go see if I can track one down!

    Ali xxx


  5. I had one of these but you had to spray the perfume in the bottle to fill it up. Took ages! This looks like a better idea!

    Following :)