Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cute blog Award!

Wahoo my first award!
Thanks so much too youralmostalice for awarding me with the Cute blog Award! Check her blog out its great!

Here are the rules of the award:
*Link back to the person who awarded you*
*Answer the award questions*
*Share something about yourself you have never shared on your blog before*
*Award as many other blogs you think are worthy of this award*

Award Questions

What is your go to make up product?
Gosh X-ceptional wear foundation!

Favourite fashion trends of 2012?
i love the colored jeans - i love changing colours!

Favourite Colour?
Pink -I'm such a girl!

What was the last song you listened too?
Ed Sheeran - Gold Rush

Cats or dogs?
Dogs! Although i think kittens are cute i don't really like cats :)

What's your middle name?
Jade :) 

Now for something I have never shared on my blog before...
I'm so ashamed of my make up storage! I hate people going in there! And I have a thing about other people using my makeup brushes! ehee!

So Onto the Blogs


I love all the blogs I read, if i could i would award this to everyone!

Thank you YourAlmostAlice!

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  1. well done :)