Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Favoritess!

Time for my February Favorites!

Finally bought myself some dry shampoo, and i loove it! It's soo good and this one lightens your roots aswell so its great if you have any regrowth! I wash my hair every other day or if my hairs feeling okay after two days of not washing it i may go another day but this is soo good! I even use it just to give my hair more volume! 

I finally got the new Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation a couple of days ago and i had to add it into my favorites cause ive been using it everyday since! Its really nice and works well with my skin! (review soon!) 

MUA brought out the new range 'love hearts' so i picked up the lipbalms! Now i do love these but i have really dry lips and i dont think i would called them a lip balm completely they are a bit of a gloss but either way theyare a really nice texture and the colors are great! My favorite is 'Kiss Me' (the picture)

The Benefit stay dont stray concealer and eyeshadow primer- my new best friend. I really like this i have it in a small tester but I am seriously excited to get the full sized version. I really helps my concealer stay on and my eye shadow does stay on longer but most of all i feel like it stands out alot more. I am still trying to find my perfect eyelid primer- any suggestions? 

This is benefits under-eye brightening boost but i feel because if I use concealer and this my concealer seems to crease to much and I would never go out without my concealer! But this is absolutely amazzing for a highlight under your brows! It looks so pretty i cant explain how much i use this! 

What are your Feb Faves?


  1. I really need to try Rimmel Wake Me Up, it looks so good! :) x

  2. Love benefits under-eye brightener, such a great product!

    The Urban Umbrella

  3. I am addicted to that dry shampoo.. I don't know what I'd do without it !! Such a good product..



  4. Ooh, really want to get the dry shampoo and MUA gloss xx

  5. Lovely Lipbalm i would love to try it out!