Friday, 17 February 2012

Day 12;

Day 12; Favorite Lipstick

I don't wear lipsticks that much as in the winter i get very chapped lips so they tend to look cakey and then the product gathers into the chapped bits and gets all yucky! But at the moment I am using the Maxfactor Lipfinity Lip Tint in Berry Burst 04. Its a really pretty berry/red color and it lasts ages without looking cakey so its great for me for the winter!


  1. Whoa this must be fate! I have seriously been looking up lip stains for the past hour and haven't been able to find a good review, I am looking for a bright pink so maybe I will try and look for this brand!!!
    Thank you for the lovely review!
    You have a lovely blog, the layout & banner are great!

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. Thanks alot! these have also come out in 5 new shades they are so pretty and feel really nice! Thanks so much for the lovely comment! If you have any questions or anthing feel free to contact me!

    S. x

  3. Pretty color!

  4. it looks so much fun like a marker, I could get addicted to a product like that :)