Thursday, 2 February 2012

you're making me blush!

So valentines day is coming up so this made me think of rosy red cheeks! I love blusher, i have countless blushers but i thought i should share with you my fave blushers that you could wear for valentines day!

now onto the good stuff..

From left to right- No7, Benefit, Collection 200 - Bashfull, Gosh- Electric pink
without flash
with flash

Sorry about the awful swatches! As you can see i go for the very pink blushes but some of these have some great undertones that you may not be able to see in the swatch - sorry!

gosh blush - electic pink

This is my ultimate favorite every day, go-to blusher, i love it! Even though its called 'electric pink' its not that bright but i love it, its subtle but if you put a bit more on it really stands out! So you can go from day to night in a flash! I also like it that it hasn't got any shimmer as i like to wear shimmery eye shadow so it balances it out! It's very pink, as that's what i tend to go for but still has dark plum undertones and its also very pigmented! - so apply with a light hand!

Superdrug - £6.99

collection 200 blush- 02 bashful

This little gem was hiding in my make up stash and I've rediscovered and fallen in love. Its so cute! It is a baby pink color and blends lovely! The packaging isn't great at the name rubs off easily but that's what you get for cheaper brands but none the less the products great! 
And i was super impressed with the detailing in the powder!

Superdrug £2.99

Benefit- Glamming face powder (only available it make up kit)

This blusher from benefir is from my 'I'm glam therefor i am life of the party' make up kit from my January Favorites post. Its so pretty, its quite subtle but has a bit of shimmer to add the glam! I dont really like the brush it came with but that's no loss!

No7 blush

I received a No7 gift set for Christmas and this gorgeous blush came with it! Its a rosy pink color and it goes on your cheeks so smoothly i love it! i am taking it in to find a good match so stay tuned!

No7 products can be purchased at Boots!

What are your favorite blushes?

How will you make up look on Valentines?


  1. Those are all such pretty blush colours! I love your blog, I followed :)x


  2. that is really appreciated!
    Ill check your blog our!

    shauna xx

  3. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much.


  4. i'll take a look now, thank you for the lovely comments

    shauna xx

  5. i'm realizing that I may have a bit of a blush problem... I'm seriously tempted by gosh-electirc pink :)

  6. its a lovely blush, i have toooo many xx

  7. My favourite blush has to be BeneFit Bella Bamba. It's so lush :)
    Nicola xx

  8. That collection 2000 blush looks really nice!
    My favourite is benefit bella bamba :)
    Natalie x

  9. The Gosh blush looks lovely such a pretty colour :)