Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's a Sunday

So today i went to meet my new bosses, as the B&B where i worked got sold but they new owners have employed me -yay! 

And on the way home i went past my local Superdrug so i picked up a few things!

First of all i picked up a pack of Nivea's Daily Essentials Facial Wipes. So I use these everyday to take of my make up, i love these they take of the toughest of mascara and they feel so clean and soft of your skin. I normally use the normal skin type but recently i have been getting pretty dry skin so i thought i would give the 'Dry & Sesitive Skin' type a go!

Superdrug - £1.51 (on offer, was £3.05)

I also bought the new Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara, my sister works in Superdrug and came home with this the other day so i had a sneeky go and i love it! So i didn't hesitate to buy it myself! I will do a review when I've made up my mind how much i like it!

Superdrug - £5.49 (will be £9.49)

Has anybody bought anything they cant wait to try this weekend?

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