Monday, 6 February 2012

Dry Skin?!

Anybody else have the daily battle of ... dry skin?!
I suffer from dry patches a lot in the winter and one morning i will wake up and i will have a really dry patch on my cheek, or chin. I hate it, especially when your make up gets flaky! So here are some quick tips i use long term and quick ones with the surprises in the morning!

E45 Lotion is absolutely incredible for dry sensitive skin! If you aren't too sure what moisturizer to get and don't fancy trying lots to find the right one this is always a good choice. I use it every night after my shower all over my body and then before my make up in the morning on my face for me it works perfectly!

Remove ALL make-up before you go to bed! I know how easy it is just to get in bed with it on but really try and take it all off! Recently I have been using all my make up removers for dry and sensitive skin instead of normal and i'm already seeing a difference.

EXFOLIATE.  I cannot say this enough. Get the most out of your moisturizer and exfoliate! When your in the tub or shower use a loofa or exfoliating gloves (my fave!) and exfoliate all over your body, i do not i use this on my face as i feel its too rough. Also use exfoliating lotions but for really sensitive skins watch out which ones your using!  

Keep hydrated! Very important not just for dry skin but this will also keep you active throughout the day!

Have you got any tips for me?

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  1. In the winter I put baby oil on straight after showering, it absorbs really fast with no residue :) E45 is a winner though! x