Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nails nails nails...

I love having my nails painted it always makes me feel so pretty! And i love switching my colors, but i admit I'm really not the best at painting my own nails! I'm so impatient so i always look for easy application and quick dry nail polishes.  

Rimmel London - Lycra Pro Professional Finish 
312 Ultra Violet

I absolutely adore these polishes,  and especially this color. It's just so pretty. And the polish itself is such good quality, it dries so quickly which is great for impatient people like me and the 'Maxi brush' makes it so much easier to apply, the brush is extra thick so makes it really simple. Its so quick and they have a great range of colors. 
It says it lasts up to 10 days, i would know cause i always change my nail color but they are very chip resistant to the extent i have had it on and the color doesn't fade! All in all i love these polishes and i'm defiantly going to buy lots more and use them in nail art as the colors are sooo pretty!


  1. love this polish in the colour coral romance too :) x

  2. Wow this looks so pretty!! May have to have a look out for it the next time I'm in Boots xx

  3. Love this colour :)

    Laura xoxo