Thursday, 16 February 2012

I've been shopping!

Hiyaa guys, after having a few days of shopping i think its time for a haul post! I was going to wait untill the things i ordered from online came- but i just couldn't wait! I hope you enjoy!!

The last few days I've been back at work and to get home i walk through town (very convenient but expensive!) so throughout the days I've been picking up bits and bobs.

First off not very exciting but this Sure deodrant was on offer and i needed to stock up so i picked up the Long Lasting Protextion Clear Pure Crystal deodorant. I really like the pretty lace effect on the bottle and it's a big bottle so will last me. Its a really good deodorant - no white marks and long lasting!

I have highlighted blonde hair and at the moment my darker roots are coming back, not very attractive and  my roots get more greasy when i have re-growth so i picked up this. Its a dry shampoo for blonde hair and its perfect, it lightens your roots as well as getting rid of the greasy look- problem solved.

I picked up a new moisturiser for my face as i get really dry skin, and this one claims to prevent blemishes and spots too- great! I am using this all the time, i love it. I use it after i take off my make up at night, before i put my make up on in the morning and on its own if i'm having a no-make up day! Its so lovely on the skin and feels so clean!

I went to pick up a hairspray as I had ran out and i saw this Garnier one on sale so as i am a scrooge i picked it up and I'm really pleased i did, its a really good flexible hold and doesn't have a strong hairspray smell which is good if it makes you sneeze like me! The only thing is that you have to hold the can quite far away from the hair else it looks wet/greasy.

I recently went to London with the Mr and my mum bought me a travel size Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner and i really like it, my hair is pretty damaged from bleach and these really soften my hair and make it feel smooth and silky! And i love the smell- i think it smells of bubblegum- yumm!

My boyfriend picked this models own 4 way nail file (well train i know! ehe) Ive been having trouble with my nails getting white scratchy marks on it, so annoying and cant paint my nails properly! This is sooo got! It has 'evenit', 'smoothit', 'buffit' and 'shineit' sides and also i normal nail file on the side. It leaves your nails smooth and shiny and great to paint on or even leave shiny and bare!

I purchased my first- yes first. MAC product! I wanted to get a concealer or foundation but i have no idea what color I am as I cant get matched up because there is no MAC counters near where I live. But i bought the Zoom Lash Mascara I have only used it once quickly so i cant comment yet- but i love that its super black!

Last thingg, non make up related, well i could use it as a make up bag?! I purchased this adorable pencil case for when i go back to College after half term. I really loved the pattern and it's nice a thin so doesnt take up too much room in my bag!

What have been your fave purchases this year?


  1. I absolutely love the garnier hairspray because its smells lovely and the clean and clear moisturiser!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  2. You picked up some great stuff! :)x


  3. Thanks for the comments! i love hearing peoples ideas, hope you enjoy the blog and hope that you follow!

  4. That makeup bag is so cute :)
    New follower, I really like your blog!

  5. I recently bought my first MAC product too, feel rather ashamed hehe! I love the 'make-up bag', it's a perfect size for college :)